Liquid Waste Wizard

About Liquid Waste Wizard

Why choose us?

We strive to do the job in the most cost effective way.
We are able to perform a variety of tasks. Over the years we have worked and assisted in areas such as water filtration plants, condensate, timber mills, sewage treatment plants, septics, blocked drainage, flooding and other areas. So long as there is enough fluid within the system we are able to pump. We strive to keep our equipment as clean as possible at all times. No job is too big or too small.
Specialising within the agriculture business, farmers know what is required from their effluent pond or pits. They manage their ponds/pits efficiently throughout the year. To complement their hard work, we can come on a regular basis, to help keep things in control. By removing build up of solids within the pond/pit, the capacity of the pond/pit will last longer with fewer blockages, and less stress on pumps throughout the year.

Why use trucks?

Trucks can service a larger area. Our trucks are designed to be exceptionally efficient, with the maximum size pumps on board. Four, six or eight inch hoses can be fitted.
Having trucks we are able to spread paddocks further away from the pond. The roadworthy trucks also can travel on the road to spread on out blocks which rarely have the effluent spread on them. Good quality effluent is worth dollars, and has as many benefits as granule fertiliser.
An even application of effluent over the whole paddock is a priority to us. A job worth doing is worth doing well. Maintenance of all the equipment is well kept up to date, to avoid any breakdowns while working. We plan to get in and finish the job quickly so not to hold up your business.

Why use the stirrer?

Stirring the pond lifts the solids up off the floor. Within the solids are beneficial nutrients which are an important part of good quality fertiliser.
We have two stirrers available.
A  PTO stirrer which can be attached to your tractor. This in most cases is enough to stir a good size pond. This stirrer is very cost effective and well worth using.
An excavator stirrer to use for larger areas. The large propeller makes an excellent job of shifting the solids. The bucket is available to remove any grass or do any minor earthworks.

Inquiries welcome

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